History of the World

Over a thousand years ago, the dragons and the other races of Terroth existed in a peaceful, if uneasy, balance with neither side having the strength to overpower the other and take control. However, this state of affairs was not to last. The dragons eventually heard of a source of power and energy hidden deep within the Elemental Sea, a place of beauty and tranquility that occasionally overlapped with the world of Terroth, merging two realities into one. They set out on a search through the crystalline waters, doing so with the utmost secrecy so as not to alert the other races to their plot. Eventually they came across their goal: the Living Gate, a construct of crystal that sealed away the raw and untamed energies of the Elemental Chaos, a seal that had stood since the beginning of time itself as far as anyone could tell.

They smashed open the Gate and the energies poured out, flooding the Elemental Sea, forever ruining the beauty, replacing it with the never ending storms and crashing waves. The dragons, as they were being with magic in their very blood, basked in this surge, feeling their own powers increasing rapidly as their bodies became overcharged with energy. Returning to Terroth, they swept through the land, ruthlessly destroying the strongholds of the humans and the elves. The only place they could not conquer was the eladrin city of Mithrendain which hid itself away in the shadows of the Feywild.

After the brutal subjugation of the humanoid races of Terroth, history watched as the new overlords began a three hundred year long reign of unchecked and unchallenged power. One race, the githzerai attempted a rebellion at one point, only to be beaten back as quickly as it had started. In response to the failed coup, the dragons threw the githzerai into true slavery, forcing them to work the mines until it reached the point where they could bear it no longer. Eventually they escaped and set out across the sea, searching for a better place to live, and as far as the other races knew, that was the last time anyone saw them. The dragons erased any trace of their presence in Terroth, removing their mark from history to guard against any other races getting the foolish idea that they too could rise up.

What they failed to account for was the unflagging courage and bravery of the humans. In the darkness of the night, small sects had rifled through libraries, desperately seeking a way to beat the dragons. Finally they came across a two fold solution. As they were, they did not have enough strength to overthrow the dragons, and the dragons themselves were far too strong to be challenged. But they discovered the knowledge of the Living Gate, the source of the dragons’ enhanced power. In order to retain this higher level, they had to make trips every so often to the Living Gate to replenish. So a plan was hatched: the humans would form pacts with devils to gain access to stronger magic than they currently had, and they would travel to the Living Gate and seal it then lie in wait for the dragons, who would be at their weakest, to come to the gate.

The plan carried through without a hitch, and the new devilish race, now called tieflings, returned to Terroth, confident of their power and their ability to defeat the dragons. With the tieflings emerged another new race, the genasi, humans who in their guard over the Living Gate had become infused with the raw power of the Elemental Chaos. War raged across the continent, burning nearly every piece of land at one point or another as magic ripped through the air and earth, shattering all that stood before it. Finally, after a century of bitter war, the tielfing and the other humanoid races stood victorious. The dragonborn, products of the dragons and their consorts taken from the humanoid races, were cast out of the cities into the wild, told to never return.

The victorious air did not last long for the tieflings though. Mere decades after the dragons’ defeat, the other races, with humans at the helm, guided a campaign to undermine them, citing their devilish heritage as a reason for them not to be trusted. Before they knew it, they too were cast from the cities, exiles like their constant foes, the dragonborn. However, they swore to always watch over the other races and guard against the return of the dragons, who they knew were not gone for good, only in hiding somewhere.

Time passed and new cities were raised from the ashes of old. Economy became the new determining force in the world, and humans took the leading role in steering the world of Terroth into its bright future. Merchant guilds formed and competed, leading to the rise of one in particular, the Red Mages, as the supreme organization in Terroth. Dragonborn and tieflings as well managed to find their way back into civilization, centuries of time allowing old prejudices to fade away into nothingness. No trace of the dragons remained, only vague stories passed down from dottering grandparents to youngsters sitting by hearthstones. In fact most people even doubted that they had ever existed or if they did, they were not as bad as the legends would have people believe.

A race of unknown people came in from across the sea, bearing goods unlike anything in Terroth, exotic food and metals and spices that fetched top dollar in the markets. The Traders, they came to be known as, were in fact the Githzerai from centuries before, but they remained content for the other races to be ignorant of their real identity, having sworn to never involve themselves in the power struggles of the world.

Another race lost to the shadows of history, the Shadar Kai, re-emerged slowly though their origins were wrapped in secrecy as well. Only a few ever traveled the land of Terroth, usually working as assassins or thieves for the highest bidder. They were the dirty secret of the upper class, and were perfectly happy to remain that way.

The eladrin remained secluded in their city of Mithrendain though they allowed it to reattach to the heart of the Feywood, and the occasional one would leave the city, the desire to see more of the world driving them. Sometimes they even remained away from their birthplace, having found a new home and purpose away from the magical city.

Elves and dwarves as well also expanded out, seeking new territory, even going so far as to establish two villages, Northcourt and High Peak respectively, for their races to inhabit. Tensions have slowly grown between humans and elves as the humans continue their constant expansion through Terroth and now have begun to infringe upon the old forests of the elves. A new town of Olnin was established as a way to repair relations between the two races, but it has not seen the success that was hoped for it. It is a powder keg at the current moment and even the slightest spark could send Terroth spiraling into another war that would cause havoc across the land. For now though, the races manage to go about their daily lives in willful ignorance of this ever looming danger.

History of the World

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