One of the few established places in Terroth that was founded by elves. It sits at the foot of a mountain on the northern edge of the Feywood. It was started by a collective of elves who after having lived near humans for a long enough time had come to appreciate the order that the humans enjoyed and set out to create a similar place of their own while still not entirely forsaking the forest. They subsist using a combination of rotational crop farming, having experimented with new techniques that are less hard on the land, in addition to still hunting and gathering but with strict regulations placed on the amount. As a primarily elvish society, they value nature and strive to find a balance between the needs of civilization and the health of the natural world. People from all walks of life are welcomed to this village, provided they work to help the community. As a result, it is a very peaceful village where everyone knows everyone quite well. Word has slowly spread about this idyllic place and more and more non-elves have traveled to make Northcourt their new home.

In recent years, the villagers have seen a slow but steady rise in the intrusion of wildlife upon the village. Most waved it away as erroneous, but within in the last two months, there have been numerous attacks upon the village. The elves, typically very in tune with nature, cannot seem to determine the cause of this, and the attacks have already taken two lives, one of a hunter in the woods who was attacked by a pack of wolves, the other a farmer who was set upon by a band of roving animals, many believe to be feline in nature. The village elders have been resistant to the idea of sending a message to the Red Mages asking for assistance as they do not wish to give them any sort of foothold within their village. The elves have abstained from the politics of the human realm to the south, but their own attempts to investigate the problems have only resulted in injuries and casualties to their people. After some prodding by the town merchant, the elders have consented and sent a message to Whitehall asking for them to send a contingent of adventurers to help solve the problem.

Total population: 513
Humans: 51
Elves: 333
Half-Elves: 51
Dwarves: 26
Halflings: 26
Other (Dragonborn, Tiefling, etc.): 26
Total guard: 3
In addition, 4 clergy tend to the spiritual needs of the Village.

Services in this Village:
Taverns: 1
Blacksmiths: 1
Leatherworkers: 1
Tailors: 1
Cobblers: 2
Farriers: 1
Carpenters: 1
Masons: 1

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